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Preschool FAQ

What does a typical daily schedule consist of?

A typical day at FUMP is busy and fun! As children arrive, after greetings with the teacher and washing hands, they have about a half hour of freeplay time. Other daily activities include circle time, art, music, math, science, snack, stories, and basement (gym) time. Weekly activities include special music and Show & Tell.

What special events/activities are offered during the year?

The three year old classes attend two field trips, one in the fall and one in the spring.  The four/five year old classes attend three field trips during the year.  The children’s portraits are taken in the fall.  We offer monthly book club opportunities.  We have party days for all the major holidays, birthday celebrations, a Christmas Program, and Year-End Extravaganza.

What role does religion play in the preschool?

While we do not have a structured Christian Education time at school, we do incorporate Christian values in our daily activities.  We talk about being kind, helping others, loving God and all that He has created.  We sing Christian songs, read books about God, Jesus, and Christian holidays, say prayers before snack, and enjoy visits from our Pastor!

Will my child be prepared for kindergarten after attending FUMP?

While academics are not the main focus of our preschool, it is part of a lot of what we do.  We are a social/play based program, with emphasis on developing social skills, relationships and a positive first experience in school.  We have a lot of fun, but learn a lot at the same time!  We experience numbers, letters, and many cognitive skills on a daily basis.  Through books, music, lessons, and activities, we feel that most children are ready for that big step to kindergarten after attending our program.
A couple of the key readiness activities that the 4/5 year old program offers are:  our “Letter of the Week” activities and the weekly Scholastic “Let’s Find Out” publications that the students receive.  (We do feel strongly that if your child enjoys preschool, and his or her relationships with peers and teachers, that this is the greatest way we can prepare them for success in kindergarten and elementary school.)

What about the curriculum?

Our curriculum is centered around our “weekly themes.”  Our songs, stories and art projects are based on the themes.  Math and science activities are included.

Preschool Kids

Thank you for your interest in Perrysburg First United Methodist Preschool! If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to call, and we would be glad to talk with you. (419-874-9318)