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“When we were looking for preschools, we fell in love with FUMP because of the smaller class sizes and the welcoming teachers.  Two of our kids have been through the FUMP program and have loved every minute of it.  Their favorite part has always been playing in the basement.  Every day they can run, ride bikes, just play and be kids despite the weather!
Of course they learn too, and the teachers are wonderful at nurturing and preparing the children for kindergarten.  I love that my kids learn cooperation and listening skills and are given the individualized attention they need at this age.  As a former kindergarten teacher, I strongly believe a good preschool program is needed in order for children to be more prepared for the structured kindergarten classes we have these days and FUMP is that Preschool.”  ~Parent Alexa Farley

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“First United Methodist Preschool has been a wonderful program for my children.  Here are all the things that I love about FUMP:
1.  The teachers are very caring, kind and dedicated.  They treat the children with respect and genuinely want to get to know and understand each child.  As the class sizes are small, they have more of an opportunity to interact with each individual child.
2.  Parents drop off their children to the classroom.  This allows parents to have regular interaction with the teacher and to see the classroom each day.  For my children, this has also made it easier for them to say goodbye and make the transition from home to school a smoother one.
3.  FUMP has a basement gym where children have time each day to practice their gross motor skills no matter what the weather.  That play time is vital to preschoolers.
4.  While emphasizing social skills, FUMP also introduces academic skills in a way that is fun and interesting to the child.
Each of my children that have attended preschool at First United Methodist has enjoyed it.  They have loved their teachers, the basement gym, the classroom toys, the art projects, the letter of the week, show and tell, etc.  FUMP has been a wonderful way for them to start school and prepare them for kindergarten!”   ~Parent Becky Griffioen